What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an account number standard that has been used primarily in European Union countries in order to prevent sending money to the wrong account in money transfers.

The International Bank Account Number standard called IBAN (International Bank Account Number) has been developed around the European Union regulations in order to increase the speed and quality of money transfers between countries and to minimize possible costs. The aim of IBAN is to prevent errors in money transfers made through banks in European countries and delays arising therefrom. Thanks to IBAN, the money sent is transferred from the sender to the receiver's account more accurately and quickly; In this way, even waiting times due to additional costs and errors in transactions are eliminated.

In countries using the IBAN code, the IBAN codes are of different length. The first two digits of these IBANs are the country code (GB); the next two digits are the control code and the subsequent codes are bank code and account numbers, respectively. The values in these characters must match the control code algorithmically. As you will see from the site when it does not match, you will get the iban false warning. In this way, you will understand that the iban was misspelled in the process of sending money.

Our advice; when you receive the iban information from the receiver on the phone, you enter e-iban.com and confirm the accuracy of the iban you received at that moment. This process will also eliminate time losses that will later be caused by faulty iban.

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