Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iban number I entered on the main page recorded?

Iban information checked on our website is not recording.

What happens someone else take my iban number?

The iban number is not confidential information such as credit card information. Someone who takes your iban number, he can do send money to your bank account. Other than that, it cannot be used.

You can show bank information, branch information and account information. Why is the account name not displayed?

We can show the above information with the alphanumeric codes inside the iban information. However, since our system is not integrated into any bank system, we cannot show the account name information.

I made a transfer but the seller does not send my goods, what can I do?

We also touched on this issue in the caution section. If you can't reach the seller or think you're being scammed, all you can do is file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office. Unfortunately, our site has nothing to do about it.

Can Iban's bank details change?

Banks always make branch changes. Or a bank can buy another bank. In this case, iban information may have changed.

How can I contact you in case of incorrect iban information?

If you send us the relevant information from the contact form, we can checked it immediately.

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