We have received many messages through our site and continue to receive them. Some people ask us for help by saying that they send money to people they don't know, that they don't reach the person they sent later. We wish we could help.

Today, online shopping has become so common. For this reason, frauds made here increased. Avoid paying by wire transfer if it's possible, especially when you make online purchases. Do not pay with the credit card you carry in your pocket. A virtual credit card that you will create in internet banking will protect you against your card information being stolen or as the product you purchased is not sent to you.

The common feature of virtual credit cards is that their limits can be changed in internet banking. You can increasing your limit of this card, which has zero limit and then make shopping. Even if the information of this card is seized by malicious people, since the limit is zero, no money can be withdrawn or made shopping. Didn't the seller send the product? All you have to do is to appeal to your bank. You don't deal with the seller. The bank will also refund the amount you paid to your card in the light of the information provided to it (Chargeback).

In order not to be subjected to subsequent victimization, do not send money to anyone you do not know.

Unfortunately, when you encounter such a situation, there is no way other than making a criminal complaint to the prosecution and the court.

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