Year 2013. We were caught by a SAP ("System Analysis and Program Development") wind. While working on finance, which is my profession, the programmers demanded the information of which bank each of vendor's iban belonged to. Yes, we were recorded some of vendors iban's bank information. However, we had so many iban whose bank was unclear. And why was needed? Didn't the iban already created to eliminate this problem? Come tell the programmers.

I've been looking everywhere on the internet. All sites relating to iban were doing validating, but never showing the bank name. Somehow we have completed the information that SAP programmers want. However, there was still a gap on the internet. I shared the situation with my dear friend Atilla, the super programmer of our company. He couldn't believe me. He said that can be on the internet. But I was search previously. He was convinced when he did some research. We started programming. And e-IBAN.com was born.

In April 2013, our site was now online. When we entered Iban, the bank name was now in front of us. Let's see what happens after a while! Other sites had come into play in this regard.

In April 2015, only bank information was not enough. Our users was sending message to us, they were forwarding their demands. It was time to update. After update, the branch name and bank name was on the screen. When we saw the thank you messages after the update, we understood how right we were do.

Wishing you to use our site on healthy, beautiful days.

Best Regards,
e-IBAN.com Founder

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